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One Portal - One Login - 360° Access

With iCampus360°, a single login to your customized portal provides access to all school functions, integrated into a single, secure database..

Streamline ProcessesThrough this portal, school officials are provided with quick, easy access to intuitive step-by-step tools designed to help them perform the following essential tasks:

  • Generate detailed recruiting reports.
  • Analyze recruitment ratios
  • Generate detailed admissions reports
  • Generate comprehensive student information reports
  • Generate student payment and finance reports
  • Generate class enrollment reports
  • Generate retention level reports.
  • Review and update course requirements
  • Review and audit individual student transcripts
  • Use transcripts to forecast registration and advise Student of class registration requirements
  • Schedule upcoming terms and classes
  • Schedule reminders for both advisors and students
  • Email the entire student body